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June 15-7-2021

Nagaland State Lottery Sambad Today Result 1:00 PM

Today Sambad lottery results of the morning, day, and night:

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Have you bought the lottery Sambad’s ticket (15.7.2021)? Furthermore, now want to check the results that have you won the prize or not? Alternatively, which prize you won. Then be relaxed. You are at the right website, and here you will get the results of all the timings morning(11:55 am), day time (4:00 pm), and night (8:00 pm). Here on our website, you can see all the lottery results from all over India. You can also get the updated Sambad lottery result on my website daily. Moreover, you can also get all the old lottery Sambad results.

  Nagaland State Lottery
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Important information for the buyers of lottery Sambad:

  1. Buy more than one lottery at once to get more chances to win. However, you have to take the different number sequences to increase your winning chance.
  2. Never choose the number that has won the lottery before. Because it is almost impossible that the number will win again and is possible only in one of the millions of cases, nevertheless, some people think that those numbers are lucky, but this is almost impossible.
  3. Never choose the numbers with an arithmetic sequence because those numbers like 2,4,6,8 with an arithmetic sequence are challenging to win. Instead of using these numbers, use your mind while choosing the number for the lottery ticket.
  4. Never use the tipping services or zigzag designs because these designs have also been passed to thousands of other persons, and if you win the prize, you will have to divide your prize to all of them.
  5. For research or for having the information about the lottery, you can get help from the lottery Sambad program, giving you all kinds of information you want.
  6. If you want to choose from the lotteries you have chosen, you can easily choose any one number from them which one is luckier for you.
  7. Another critical point is that you have to buy lottery tickets on your own, don’t let anyone of your friends, neighbors, or relatives buy the Sambad lottery morning bets for you because if you win, they will ask for their part from the prize.
  8. Don’t borrow money for someone else to buy dear Sambad lottery because it will be difficult to give money back which you owed if you don’t get any prize.
  9. Buy your ticket as soon as possible because if you leave it for some time and wait for the last time, then maybe you will be late and can’t buy the ticket.
  10. Don’t choose the number based on your family, friend, or anyone’s lucky numbers because there are meager chances to win by those numbers.


Other names of Lottery Sambad:

These names are also used for lottery Sambad, which are mentioned below

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  2. lottery Sambad dear gentle
  3. lottery Sambad dear gentle
  4.  Sambad dear affectionate
  5. lottery Sambad Singam Tough
  6. lottery Sambad dear honor
  7. lottery Sambad dear fortune
  8. Lottery Sambad Singam energy
  9. Lottery Sambad Singam great
  10. Lottery Sambad Singam delight
  11. Lottery Sambad Singam vigor
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Day Lottery Names Timing Prize Value
Monday Dear love morning 11:55 am 11 lacs
Tuesday Dear sincere morning 11:55 am 50 lacs
Wednesday Dear faithful morning 11:55 am 50 lacs
Thursday Dear kind morning 11:55 am 50 lacs
Friday Dear tender morning 11:55 am 50 lacs
Saturday Dear gentle morning 11:55 am 50 lacs
Sunday Dear affectionate morning 11:55 am 50 lacs

History of Lottery Sambad:

Lotteries are very popular among countries like India, Egypt, China, and Roman and have been very popular for a long time. Its popularity was at its peak in the early twentieth century, but then it became illegal in many countries. In the 1860s, lotteries were legal, and a large amount of taxes was raised for them.

Keno slips was a Chinese who invented the lottery for the 1st time between 205 and 187 BC. These lotteries were made to get financial help for big government projects like the great wall of china. The countries where the first official lotteries were created in the 1600s are Netherland, Italy, Germany, and France. Furthermore, France was the first country who gave its states initiative to promote the lotteries in 1538. But now, the lotteries are illegal in many countries, including France.

Lottery Sambad has been a board game that started in Italy in1400s, and in 1869, it was taken to Mexico. Where the upper classed people played it. In 1810-1818, during the Mexican war of independence, the lottery became a daily hobby of the soldiers, and they played it in all of their free time. When they came back home, they spread out the game all over Mexico. Furthermore, after a short while, it became part of every home in Mexico. And that’s the reason it was played in all the states of Mexico until the 1800s.

Traditional templates of lottery Sambad Nagaland:

  • four corners
  • Vertical lines
  • Horizontal lines
  • Diagonal lines
  • With four corners
  • Four in center

Lottery Samabd Prizes Valuation:

Position Prize Value Winners
1st INR: 01 Crore 01
2nd INR: 9000 10
3rd INR: 500 10
4th INR: 250 10
5th INR: 120 100